Learn How to Dance the Robot


Learning how to robot dance is essential to learning how to pop.  Popping in its purest definition is imitating and acting like a robot.  Popping is defined by robotic movements.  Dancing the robot or sometimes referred to as botting is a style of Popping that uses sharp movements and isolation combined with a clean dimestop.  The best way to practice learning how to do the robot is all about using the same movements you use on a day to day basis in a robotic manner. Let's take eating at a dinner table for example.  When you reach out for your fork you can jerk out your arm hovering over the fork wobbling back and forth like those claw type arcade games where you try to pull the bear from the pile of toys.  You can then slowly go down to the fork on the table claw the fork in with your hand and then quickly shoot up rotating your wrist back and forth.  Even just having the mentality of a robot and asking yourself "if I was a robot how would my movement look like" can help your creative juices get going to start creating your own unique robotic movements.  In essence, you already know how to robot dance, you just haven't opened your mind to let your imagination and creativity take over your body to act like a robot yet!  One of my favorite Poppers who does an excellent robot is Popping John.  He actually teaches dance on his site Learn2Bust check it out! Transcript: [MUSIC] What's going on, YouTube. This is El Tiro and today is Turtle Thursday, where we give you a new concept to add to your freestyle or choreography, mainly in the style of popping. Today, we're going to be working on some advanced robotics. We are going to be breaking down how to do the robot in three different concepts for you guys. So we'll break it down into three different videos. All of them will help add a different element to your robot. The first concept we're going to focus on is the natural wobble that-- or unnatural or robotic type of wobble that a robot does. What we're going to do is pick a nice posture that is robotic. I'm going to do a big hit and have a slow motion down. When I get to a good angle right here, I'm flexing my lower back muscles, that's when I'm going to add the wobble. So I'm here-- I do my nice big hit. Now I have my rock. Same thing, you can go back up like that. And that's hip. And a wobble. This is creating a good starting point. If you're about to do your robot, it's always good to hit a frozen point. And then, by surprise-- I like adding the sound effects. It makes things a lot cooler. So the wobble right now that I'm doing, it's with my legs. I'm just rocking back on my toes and heels, and letting my body fall back. But you can wobble in anything. If you want to do arms, let's say you're twisting-- now my arm's going to have that wobble effect. You can do your head-- pretty much, any part of your body can take the wobble effect. Really, it's about the timing of when you do it. You want to make sure it's not out of place. I'm waving, and then I wobble-- pretty sloppy. You want to make sure it's in the right place. I like doing the wobble effect after moving from a slow or even a really fast. So if I'm going-- or if I'm really, really slow, I'll maybe do a work into the wobble. Maybe go back and to the wobble. Pivot. So that wobble effect is going to add a real nice touch to your robotic freestyle. [MUSIC] Thanks for wanting to learn how to do the robot. This is section two. This section's going to be breaking down the chair, or bending at the medium level when you do the robot.