Learn How to Pop Hitting Lessons – Popping Hit Training Exercises

Learn Popping Dance Training Lessons

In this popping dance video, we’re going to work on a training exercise to work on your hits. That’s coming right up. Hey what’s up YouTube? This is El Tiro. Today’s Tutotrial Thursday where you’ll learn epic new dance concept to add to your freestyle or choreography. Now today, we’re going to be sitting down on a chair. So grab a chiar, take a seat and let’s get started. I always encourage when you practice, that you try different elements sitting, standing, cross legged, one hand behind the back, just to explore what limitations that usually allow you to create and work out things that you would never think of normally. So for this drill, maybe for the next week after you watch this, next time you practice, only sit down. So what we’re going to do here is we’re going to work on the hits. We’ll kind of work on kind of a shock or after shock kind of concept that looks like this… I like to think of this concept kind of like a door spring. You know those things at the bottom of doors that flicks that goes (spring!) and kind of flutters right there. We’re kind of doing that in our body. And sitting down, it really forces them if you want to add a hit that we’ll use in our torso muscles and our stomach, really strong stomachs so we get the hit versus standing we kind of allow the legs a lot sometimes to pop too. So we’ll be concentrating on the stomach. Now before we go any further, if you’re kind of wondering well, I’m really kind of confused how do you practice or how do you dance sitting down. I did make a freestyle. I’ll leave it right here if you want to check that out. Otherwise, let’s get started. The first thing that I’m going to do right here is I’m going to put my hands out like that from the inside. And then right when I get kind of to a flat line, I’m going to really start to flex and I’m going to squeeze my stomach. I’m going to kind of wave just like that. So I’m going to go big and then down to steady. Now, you can end up like this. it’s going to look kind of cheesy so you want to have some control. So this should be like “boom-clap”. Now, as I’m flexing as hard as I can, if you keep doing this, your shoulders should actually start to get solid. Make sure right when you do this, you’re squeezing on your stomach, you’re flexing as hard as you can right here and then your arms, and your forearms just like that. One more time… 5 6 7 8… So the next one I’m going to do is I’m going to use kind of a running hand position. I’m going to move down and I’m going to do that same thing squeezing the stomach, squeezing the arms in a little bit of a rattle. So I go… so really using the stomach. The hands are tense. And when you are doing your robot kind of sitting down, and you want to practice your hit, instead of doing like a big chest pop, your back is kind of on the chair, you’re really focused on your stomach, you’re squeezing, you’re bending your torso maybe inward a little bit as you hit. So for example, (pop) I’m using my flexing but more importantly, it’s all in the torso here. Now, let’s say you got a little bit of a big belly, you can still hit. Or let’s say, you’re really skinny and you got no abs. That’s okay; this is not about being muscly. It’s all about the technique versus strength. So really practicing, we’re going to take a deep breath… out and then when I bring that in, that’s when I will flex my chest. Now there’s lots of different ways to hit. I usually teach hitting outwards. But since we’re sitting down, it’s kind of a good concept to practice the inward hit. And you can also do the outward hit too. But for this drill only, I want you to be hitting in, take a deep breath, in. So out… here… And then we do a rattle, you kind of can combine that all. So I’m going to go out. And I’m going to be, naturally, my hands come out and my chest is out. Then we’re going to bring that in to flex. Then I’m going to get my rattle. If we can do that, I know this is not the coolest tutorial but this is a tutorial that’s really going to help your technique. So let’s try… ready? 1 2 3… one more time. So I challenge you for the next week, after watching this video, to practice doing robotics while sitting down and really focusing on the hit using your stomach, your upper abs right here and we got inward motion, okay? And then practice that rattle, that’s going to be a really cool effect to get that down nice and smooth. Just a reminder, hitting is something that you should practice every single day. It is the core; it is the essential part of popping. And when you have that nice technique, you’re whole style will elevate. So really practice it. Practice that inward kind of motion. And then, maybe do some crunches if you don’t have those abs yet. But I assure you, if you keep popping like this, and you’re doing the drills, you’re going to get a 6-pack in no time. Again, if you want to watch my freestyle, I mean right here on this chair, then make sure you click right here. I’ll just leave it at the end of this video and in the info box below. I would like to see a video of you dancing in the chair. Send it to me on Instagram @brambilabong. Thanks for watching. This is El Tiro. Peace!