How to Robot Dance Tutorial | Puppet Dancing Concept

Learn Robot Dance Moves Called The Puppet

Hey, what's up YouTube! This is El Tiro. And for today's robot dance tutorial Thursday, I'm gonna teach you a how to robot dance in a popping concept called, puppeting. Puppeting is defined as controlling certain aspects of your body as if they were puppet or even like a remote control.   Actually, I just made a robot dance video released today which I do some intricate popping, puppeting concept check my YouTube account if you want to see it!   So the puppet concept that I do on my robot dance video which I’m gonna teach you today is with your lower body. And I’m gonna do a lower body because you see a lot of dance tutorials that focus all up here and not down there. So we’re gonna do some lower body robot dance moves in full action. Ready 3, 2, 1. Let’s go!   So what I’m gonna do here is I’m gonna take both my arms and I’m gonna lift them up like that. My right foot’s gonna come with me here. Now if my left leg is locked, it’s gonna be pretty hard to balance so I use my muscle and my quad. I’m gonna sink in just a little bit so I have some muscle strength. That’s how we can control the balance.   Now here’s a couple of options I’m gonna give to you for your puppeting, ok! Imagine my elbow is my knee. If I move my elbow, my knee gets to go out like that. I can turn all the way out, turn all the way in. So my elbow is my knee. Got it?   Next one is your ankle. Lots of opportunity here to match your wrist, so I can go down, I can go up, I can go circular, I can move in kind of steps and move on up like that. Pretty basic, right?   Let’s make this a little more challenging. So I’m gonna use my left leg now. I’m gonna sink in all the way down like this, keep sinking, I would bow down as low as I can right here, not really as low as I can, but enough to work on strong stamina. Open up my body now, same thing with my elbow and my knee, I’m gonna pop up like this, very ice. I want my whole body to be still as I move this, kinda like Kung Fu, right? So I’m coming out like this, I’m staying still, then I’m going down using my elbow. Then I can use my wrist and my foot too. So I can go (click).   Lots of options you get. But you’re pretty much using the flamingo stance, a lot of balance, a lot of stress on your quads and in your ankles too. And when you get that balance, then you can kinda do all those kinds of mechanical things. So really really neat concept.   So that’s it for my robot dance tutorial Thursday for today, puppeting with your lower body. Make sure you practice. Make sure you balance. And if you have any questions about this tutorial or have request next tutorial, all you gotta do is comment below, or hit me up on Facebook @brambilabong, Twitter @brambilabong, Instagram @brambilabong and my website, where I have 60-minute downloadable how to robot dance tutorials. Print out everything you want to know about learning how to robot and pop and be awesome. So check those out.   This is El Tiro. Adios!