Popping Dance Choreography Combo Tutorial Step by Step Lesson

Learn Popping Dance Choreography Routine

In this popping dance choreography tutorial, you’re going to learn an epic popping combination. That’s coming right up. Hey what’s going on YouTube? This is El Tiro. And you’re tuned in to Tutorial Thursday where you’ll learn an epic new dance step to add to your freestyle or choreography. Today, we’re going to be doing a combination that’s going to involve some waving, some hits, some intricate isolations and some stuff that can challenge us. So let’s get started, let’s loosen up. It’s about to be dope. So the first part of the combination starts with the upper body here. We’re doing a little bit of concept called tracing which is kind of directing where wave goes into your body. So we’re going to be using our fingertips, we’re going to flow out to your wrist, we’ll go to your elbow, where it’s going to come up to your neck, to your body. You’re going to really try to pop this high because the concept is that like we have this massive wave that we’re boom… we’re fondling. And then we’re going to pop it up because we’re going to shoot it down. That’s where that crazy knee kind of isolation comes in. It’s on the details. So starting, I’m going to have my tracing arm almost beat like jelly motion… jellyfish motion-like. So, and, I’m going to start like all of a sudden, like you really want to captivate someone’s attention. So I’m not just going to go, “Oh here’s my wave… boring!” I’m going to go “bam!” start it out, I’m going to have my clenched fist go right to my… electrifying my like fingers to start. And then this wave here is pretty simple. It starts with fingers, it goes to elbow, and it’s going to go to the high point, make sure you go back to low point. And then, your shoulders are going to roll up right here. I’m kind of pulling my neck to my chest to pop up. So again, I’m going “bam! Whoop ha!” And now this is the point where we’re going to start to move to our knee and our isolation. So we’ll do one last time, and then we’ll move to different cam angles. So I’ll go “bam! Whoop ha”! Got that down? Let’s go to part 2. So after we move to our wave and our chest is up like this, this is where I’m going to now pick up my leg as I lift my arm. I’m going to kind of have to push that wave down. My knee’s going to be right here (having a little trouble balancing right now). And my knees are going to wobble. And really slowly getting much to this, tic tic tic tic tic tic tic, down. So one more time, I go here, pop up and then I go down. Need to let your knees be loose. You can wobble it up, wobble it down, kind of for practice. One more time… “bam…” So to move on, then this is going to be popped up here. And then I’m going to have my neck go up and then I’ll go down, and then I’ll have one last kind of hit. One more time slowly, then we’ll try to do it fast. My hand comes up, I’m going “pam!” right there… So one more time, I’m picking up, I’m going, “spam!” big explosion… Alright, so one more time slowly, then we’ll go full out. So again… you’ve got to captivate the attention of the audience. So you can do something big to start you go, “bam!” and then go do your wave , you’ll come to your chest, you’ll pop up with your hand, you’re kind of like at a Mario position to collect coins, and then we’re going to go “yes!” with our elbow. As we go to our chest, we’re going to sink, we’re going to go “click click click…” down, “click click click…” up, neck, step, hit. I hope you’re with me because we are about to do it all out. Ready? 5 6 7 8… So that’s your Tutorial Thursday for today. I hope you enjoyed, I hope you got it down. If you did, you got to send it to me. Hit me up on Instagram @brambilabong or if you want to keep it between us, on SnapChat @brambilabong. My question of the day is “What’s your favorite shoe to dancing?” If you’re not subscribed, make sure you hit that pretty red subscribe button. And if you are seriously serious about learning how to dance popping, robot, dancing to dubstep, then you got to check out my website, brambilabong.com. I have a 60-minute downloadable tutorials which I’ll leave in the info box or an annotation right over there. Alright, thanks for watching. This is El Tiro, peace!