Popping Dance Is All About Hitting

The hit is everything. It’s life. It’s an explosion of the energy only you possess. It is the air, it is the water, it is the food. You need it to live.

You want the title of popping, you got to earn it. You won’t get it by making people applaud or impressing your friends with your moves. You get it by HARDWORK.

Hitting is all encompassing. It’s in your stomach, it’s in your arms, your back, your chest. It comes from your soul. And electrifies to your blood and veins.

Without it, it’s like going to this empty motions, like reading books without words, coffee with no caffeine, driving with no wheels. It’s like pooping with no toilet paper… wait, that doesn’t make sense.

You never finish learning it. You practice it everyday for the rest of your life. Are you ready for that kind of commitment? If you’re not hitting, you’re not popping. The hit is everything.

Thanks for checking my tutorial. Hope you digged it. And I hope you know how important hitting is now. Now go out there and hit a ton every single day.

And if you don’t know who I am, my name is Adrian, aka El Tiro. I’m making new dance tutorial every single Thursday. And I love love love request so comment below if you’re working on something, I want to know. Let me know, I can help. Otherwise, we’ll catch you next week for another tutorial Thursday.

This is El Tiro, peace!