60 Minute Intermediate Popping Tutorial

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Learn How to Dance Popping Intermediate Video Tutorial Overview

The intermediate dance tutorial breaks down everything for dancers you want to start pushing themselves in the dance style of popping.  It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you watch the How to Dance Tutorial for Beginners before you purchase the intermediate tutorial just because this popping tutorial requires a solid fundamental grasp of foundation and knowledge of basic concepts.  Even if you have been dancing for a couple years I still recommend getting the beginner tutorial just because I believe that you can never stop learning the foundation of popping and different styles of dancers from the dance.

How to do Body Isolations in Popping

Isolations were a framework we covered in the beginner popping tutorial and in this how to dance popping video we go over some more intricate concepts of integrating isolations with your popping freestyle.  We will breakdown the details of learning how to isolate your hands, arms, chest, even fingers!  In the how to pop dance tutorial we will start to work on some more difficult isolations like head isolations and dance isolation concepts like miming.

How to Glide – Learn Gliding

In the how to dance popping intermediate level we breakdown the foundation of learning how to glide or to do gliding.  Gliding is the illusion to appear as if you are sliding across the a ground of ice or slippery from water.  The moonwalk is an example of a type of glide.  As we start to learn more about how to dance popping we begin diving into more complex illusions like gliding which add a very nice complexity and flare to your freestyle popping.  Learning how to glide usually doesn’t come easy, in fact it took me months to finally start seeing a clean glide affect.  In this popping tutorial we will cover everything you need to know on how to glide smoothly and go over gliding concepts like floats and even walking in place

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How to Dance Popping – Learn Warping

Warping is defined as the ability to transition from a slow to fast movement in a way that appears as if a dancer has a glitches through time.  Warping is a rather simple but extravagant element to add to your dancing.  Warping is all about contrasting visual stimulation of movements and using concepts like slow motion combined with quick agility to create those cool glitch effects.  

How to Move in Slow Motion – Dance in Slow Motion

Warping cannot be taught efficiently without teaching the concepts of how to move in slow motion.  Dancing in slow motion is a unique contrasting concept to stylize your freestyle to appear as if you are walking on the moon.  Moving in slow motion is popularly seen combined with warping because of the opportunity for drastic change in tempo and movement are at its widest differences.

How to Wave Using Tracing

Tracing is a higher level of learning how to wave and can applied in doing arm waves and body waves.  Tracing giving a visual point of view to your waving movement throughout your body.  It allows you to pin point an area you would like a view to watch as a guide to follow throughout your wave.  In learning how to dance popping you will see tracing applied very commonly when dancers use waving in their freestyle.

Learn Strobing Dance Style Popping – How to Strobe

Strobing is a higher level concept in popping that uses the foundation of dime stops.  You first need to have a solid understanding of how to do dimestops in order to strobe and do strobing effectively.  Strobing as you can predict from its name is to move is if you are under a strobe light.  In the intermediate dance tutorial on popping we will cover all the framework for learning how to strobe.

Learn Ticking Dance Popping – Learn How to Tick

Ticking as described as doing a double pop.  In order to do ticking effectively you must have a solid understanding of how to hit as it will require a concentration of rapid hits or pops yet used in a rhythmic control.

How to Dance Popping – Learn Popping Dance Style

These are just a few of the concepts taught in the intermediate dance tutorial for learning the dance style popping.  The popping instructional video goes in depth with concepts to keep developing your dance style of popping with traveling, how to battle, how to showcase, how to start working on originality, tricks and so much more!