240 Minute Popping Bundle Pack

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This video tutorial bundle includes the beginner, intermediate, advance, and dubstep edition tutorials. The tutorial bundle pack value is $100 but by purchasing the tutorials together you can get it for just $60.  

Concepts Include:

Hitting, Dime Stops, Strobing, Ticking, Chest Pop, Toe Spin, Waving, Head, Isolation (Vertical), Head Isolation (Lateral), Head Isolation (Circular), Micro Waves, Full Body Wave, Reverse Wave, Upside Down Waves, The 'Elevator', The 'Collapse', Gliding, Side Glide, Half Moon Glide, Backslide, Moonwalk, Tutting, Fixed Point, Robot, Botting, Upside Down Worm, Popping Combos, Popping Choreography, Freestyle, How to Practice, How to Train, Musicality, Hand Isolation, Isolations, Chest Isolation, Floats, Warping, Tracing, Illusions, Foundation of Popping, Fundamentals of Popping, Vibrating, Slow Motion, Developing Style, Creating Objects, Advance Tricks & More!  

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