El Tiro Affiliate Program

Join El Tiro's Affiliate Program

Hey dancers! I wanted to give dancers an opportunity to partner with me to earn some easy extra money and get exclusive deals like free Skype lessons, merchandise and more! If you are not sure how an affiliate program works here is essentially how it works.
  1. Sign up on the below form to get your own trackable link.
  2. You post your link to any of my products which works on any social media platform, blog, or email.
    1. Here is an example of an affiliate posting on Facebook.affiliate program
  3. Anyone who ends up purchasing the product from your link triggers a commission. In the El Tiro program your commission is 20%. So if someone buys $100 worth of stuff, you just made $20!

Any product you see listed on my site you can link too to share!

I'm excited to partner with you and assist in helping you earn money from qualified sales risk free. This isn't your normal affiliate program where you sign up and you never hear from it again. You've worked hard to build your audience with amazing content and I know it's important to keep that content consistent for your audience. What this means is that we hope to assist in any way we can to help keep your affiliate posts centered around your brand AND optimized to drive traffic and sales.

Affiliate Program Details: