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I have made over 250 free online video dance tutorials on my YouTube channel with over 10 million views and 75,000 subscribers. Whether you are wanting to learn how to dance popping, hip hop dance, freestyle, or dance to dubstep we have it all covered.



Learn Everything About How to Dance for Free

I started making dance tutorials as a way to give back to all those dancers all around the world who seek the knowledge but lack the funding to go learn how to dance from a studio.  I am a Popper by nature but my dance tutorials aren’t necessarily all about Popping.  I make tutorials on how to dance in general, whether you are trying to spin on your head or just looking for a couple moves to dance at a club.  

From styles of break dancing, hip hop moves, hip hop dance and popping (dubstep dance).  I make videos on how to dance every Thursday on my channel

The best part about learning how to dance from YouTube is that it’s free!  Of course there are many cons as well which include poor quality videos but with my YouTube channel you definitely won’t have to worry about that.  The videos I post here come from my YouTube, however, only here on can you get my 60 minute premium tutorials.

How to Dance Online

The biggest thing that you can’t learn from YouTube is  how to interact with other dancers and of course getting experience in performing in front of others.  So as you go on and learn from my tutorial videos on how to dance, do hip hop moves, and learn popping.  I encourage you to take what you have learned and show it to as many people that care to watch!  I learned how to dance from YouTube but it wasn’t until my first performance that I really started to progress.  

With my online videos on how to dance you will learn fundamental and advance technique but qualities like showmanship are only things you get from being on stage and performing in front of other.