Robot Dancers for Hire

Are you looking for robot dancers to perform or just be walk around performers for your corporate entertainment event or party? Our professional robot dancers for hire will give you the most amazing robot dance performance you can imagine. From intense robot dancing to stunning tricks and illusions we have found a successful niche in robot dance corporate entertainment. Our dancers have toured professionally with artists like T-Pain & Akon, competed on America's Got Talent, and currently travel the country performing robot dance shows for corporate entertainment and events.  

The below video will give you a strong visual of the variety of our dance style in a routine at the bottom of the page you'll find more videos of our range of soloists, and overall capacity. 

Robot Choreography - Dancers: T & El Tiro

Robot Dance Entertainment for Corporate Events

Whether you are looking to hire walk around robot dance performers or would like a specifically designed choreographed robot dance routine for your event we are as diverse as your needs are.  We are based in the Midwest in the USA and have both male robot dancers and female robot dancers in our crew. Our most popular robot dancers for hire is our duet and trio feature, though we have up to 6 professional robot dancers total in our crew.  Corporate events often hire us to do a special robot dance performance followed up with walk around dancing pending on the style of the event and venue.

The main differences between what we offer for robot dancers for hire compared to other places is that we are actual professional dancers that only focus and specialize in robotics and popping. Most talent agencies that offer any type of robot dance entertainment for corporate events usually have very cool costumes with LED lighting and other extras but don't have the talent to put an actual professional dancer who specializes in popping dance and robot dance in that suit.

So you end up just paying a lot of money for a really cool suit or outfit with dance moves comparable to your 7th grade science teacher.

(Sorry Professor Steve)

In other words, if you are looking for some of the best world class robot dancing you have ever seen we are your team!

Need a reference? Just say the words and we will be happy to give you the contact information of some of the agencies and events we have previously done robot dance shows for.

From a costume standpoint we are flexible to your needs to dress in the same style of your event.

Hosting a black tie corporate event and looking for suit and tie robot dancers? Done.

Or maybe a futuristic cosmos theme needing us painted head to toe in silver? Done.

Whatever you imagine as the best case scenario for how you want your robot dancers for your corporate event to look we will make it happen and get the job done.

We have the #1 tutorial robot dance and popping dance channel on YouTube. We have even been asked to teach people how to dance for corporate events in the style of popping and robotics.  Our robot dance workshops for beginners is a TON of fun and we promise we can teach ANYONE how to dance. Your guests will be guaranteed to walkaway fully capable of doing some very cool robot dance moves!

robot dancers for hire

Robot Dancers for Hire Videos

Having accumulated over 10 million views on YouTube we have created some amazing robot dance videos.  Below are some of our favorite freestyle and choreographed robot dance routines we made for corporate events that we turned into YouTube videos. If you like an exact robot dance routine or a combination of what you see here we are happy to mix and match performance we have already done.  We are used to creating custom robot dance choreography that incorporates lifestyles of the audiences we are dancing too.  For example if we are dancing in front of doctors we will add a surgery type inspirational dance scene and so on. The more information we know about the audience of your corporate event or party the more we can create an engaging robot dance routine that they will love and laugh along with.

Robot Dancer: El Tiro

Robot Dancer: Ashlynn Marie

Robot Dancer: T

Groovy Robot Routine - Dancers: iCameo, T & El Tiro

Robot Dance Duet - Dancers: Ashlynn & El Tiro

Robot Dancer: iCameo

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