60 Minute Dubstep Dance Tutorial

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Learn How to Dance to Dubstep Premium Tutorial Overview

I specifically made this How to Dance to Dubstep Tutorial to teach the new trend among YouTube dance videos popularly known as dancing to dubstep.  If you have caught up with the trend and want to master the knowledge, technique, and moves that define dubstep dance then you have come to the right place!  Below is an outline of some of the terms, concepts, and moves covered in the How to Dance to Dubstep Premium Tutorial!

What is Dubstep Dance? | How to Dance to Dubstep Tutorial

So what is dubstep dance and where did it come from?  Dubstep music, the edgy mechanical electronic music originating in Europe that started to become globally popular only in the last 5 years.  Dubstep music has been around a lot longer but exploded all over the world in a new phenomena of music.  Naturally, dancers started to study, learn, and dance to dubstep music.  Although you can dance any style to Dubstep music, the style of Popping and the robotics of dubstep music bonded itself into a relationship that was truly meant to be.  Popping is defined by acting as or to imitate a robot and Dubstep mathematical machine type beats and music can almost be interpreted as the language robots would speak if they could communicate with each other.  When the style of Popping and the genre of Dubstep combine effectively it appears as if the dancer is being controlled by the sounds of the music.  One thing I do want to take the opportunity to make clear is that to say someone is dubstep dancing or knows how to dance to dubstep is technically incorrect.  The style is called Popping, and it is specifically being applied to dubstep music.  Just because someone starts tap dancing to a new style of music doesn’t mean you would call tap dancing a new name.  Overall dubstep music has definitely grown the dance community with lots of new dancers stepping first into the trend of dancing to dubstep.  Most of the dancers lack the history and culture of the dance or don’t care enough to take the time to learn the correct terminology which is the main reason we can go on YouTube and see a flood of videos labeled dubstep dance and tutorials on how to dance to dubstep.  I would even speculate that there is more popping videos labeled dubstep dancing instead of popping!  I will teach you how to dance to dubstep and master all the skills you need to kill any beat you ever here!  All and all, now that you have read this you can begin to understand a little about the history and the correct terminology as well.

Learn how to dubstep dance

Popping Styles in Dubstep Dancing | How to Dance to Dubstep Tutorial

Popping is a dance style originating from the funk music genre.  Popping is very diverse in nature having styles that are defined as more groovy, soulful, funky, and on the opposite of the spectrum more liquid, robotic and mechanical.  There are definitely no rules into limiting what styles on how to dance to dubstep, however the more robotic side of Popping is popularly seen in dubstep dancing.  The dubstep dance tutorial breaks down how to dance to dubstep using the more robotic mechanical and liquid sides of the dance style of Popping.

How to do Dime Stops | How to Dance to Dubstep Tutorial

If you want to learn how to dance to dubstep or how to dubstep dance then the most important fundamental of Popping you need to practice everyday is dime stops.  Dime stops are the essential part of Popping, which means they are absolutely necessary in learning how to dance to dubstep.   Dime stops are defined as that freezing moment in time where everything just stops.  It is the ability in Popping to freeze typically to the beat or patterns of a song in a way a robot moves.  The dime stop is essential to learning how to dance to dubstep because of the rapid beats dubstep music typically has. With a lot of movements in the style of Popping it would be impossible to hit every single beat in dubstep music.  However, dime stops are one of the concepts that allows you to hit all those intricate beats when dubstep dancing.

How to do Hits | How to Dance to Dubstep Tutorial

Hits can be described as the effect to act as if a whole shock of electricity has gone through your body to make it “pop” or jump.  To hit or hitting is another essential concept of Popping you need to master to be effective at learning how to dance to dubstep.  Through out the much opportunity of dubstep music from bass lines, snare beats, and build ups hits are probably the most used concept through out dubstep dance.  The how to dance to dubstep tutorial will cover not just cover technique for how to hits but specifically breakdown places in dubstep music where you can apply hits and hitting.

Learn Strobing | How to Dance to Dubstep | How to Strobe

To strobe or strobing is a term under Popping which is defined as moving as if in a strobe light.  Strobing is popularly seen in how to dance to dubstep videos because it creates a glitch or twitch effect.  When watching a dancer dance to dubstep the best technique in strobing creates the illusion that your internet connection may be lagging!  In order to strobe you have to master dime stops, as strobing is comprised of multiple fast dime stops.  Adding strobing into your toolbox of moves in learning how to dance to dubstep will get you well on your way to beat manipulation for any dubstep song.

Learn Ticking | How to Dance to Dubstep | How to Tick

Ticking, not to get confused with strobing, uses the same template to move in short bursts as if under a strobe light except uses hits as opposed to just dime stops to transition each segmented movement.  Ticking is most seen in dancing to dubstep right when the build up before the drop hits.

Vibrating | How to Dance to Dubstep | How to Vibrate Dance Move

The term vibrating speaks for itself.  It is the ability to create the illusion that your whole body is vibrating!  It is often seen when dancing to dubstep right before the drop as it usually is the fastest part of the song.  A crescendo of beats followed by the drop in the song is typically accompanied by a nice vibrating type of move.  Definitely a must learn if you want to master the drop and learn how to dance to dubstep .

How to Move in Slow Motion | How to Dance to Dubstep | Slow Motion

Moving in slow motion is absolutely necessary if you want to master and learn how to dance to dubstep.  It is rare to see someone dance to dubstep and not use any concepts of moving or dancing in slow motion.  Slow motion is a great contrast type of movement and transition into the more down beat sections of dubstep music.  Learning how to dance to dubstep will involve learning many detailed moves, moving in slow motion is one of the most popular concepts that is considered a fundamental.

Well there is a brief sample of only a portion of the concepts and movements taught in the How to Dance to Dubstep Tutorial.  If you are ready to master dancing to dubstep then head on over to the checkout page!  If you still need more convincing if this tutorial is going to teach you what you are wanting to learn check out the free tutorial dubstep section.  That way you can get a quick preview of how I teach and even learn a few things as well!  Good luck on your journey in learning how to dance to dubstep and reach out to me on the contact page if you have any questions!