60 Minute Advance Popping Tutorial

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Learn Popping Advance Instructional Video Tutorial Overview

I made this dance tutorial specifically for dancers and poppers who are really looking to taking there dance to the highest level possible.  In the advance popping tutorial we go over more conceptual elements and tools to help develop new styles and of course go over some radical tricks.  I would describe a dancer that best fits this tutorial as someone who is serious about dancing, practices popping on a daily basis and has experience performing in front of audiences, battling, or is comfortable cyphering with other dancers.  Below is just a few descriptions of some of the concepts taught in the How to Dance Popping Advance Tutorial.

How To Create New Dance Moves and New Dance Styles

A question I get asked a lot by beginner and experienced dancers is “how do I create new dance moves and add more to my dance style?”  If you have too struggled with developing new dance concepts then let me say you are not alone!  The first part of the How to Dance Popping Advance Tutorial covers lots of structural templates and ideas to help think outside the box to develop new dance moves.  With these concepts it will help break those “dancing block” moments that can often occur when we find ourselves dancing the same way in our freestyles.  A real freestyle dancer can dance 20 plus amount of rounds with style keeping a fresh new variety of moves. 

Learn How to Glide – Advance Gliding 

By now gliding should come second nature to you.  You understand the concept of shifting balance and weight to smoothly transition footwork.  In this gliding tutorial we give you some exciting more challenging types of glides to really captivate an audience. I even breakdown one of my signature glides I call the “half moon glide.”


How to do Arm Waving – How to do Body Waving – Advance 

In the advance popping tutorial we go over some sleek new waving concepts to add to your arsenal of waves.  Learning how to wave is one of the more basic foundations of learning how to dance popping, however, add some style and some dimensions and you can make easy waves looks like crazy intricate concepts.  In the waving section of   the popping tutorial we go over how to wave backwards as well as going over some intricate complex wave concepts.


Learn Awesome Dance Tricks – How to do Awesome Tricks


From doing crazy spins, incorporating your toe, head isolations, and creating awesome illusions the How to Dance Popping Advance tutorial dedicates some time to teaching some crazy dance moves to impress any dance and crowd.  I always try to encourage having a stronger emphasis on style then learning how to do dance tricks just because style is the most important part of Popping freestyle.  With that said, we go over some radical dance moves to help give your popping a nice flare.


Learn How to Dance Popping – Advance Popping Tutorial

These are just a few concepts covered in the How to Dance Popping video.  The advance tutorial really really help excel your dance to the maximum level.  If you are still unsure if this tutorial has what you are looking for just contact me!