60 Minute Popping Robot Dance Choreography Tutorial

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The dance routines, combinations, and choreography taught in this 60 minute tutorial are some of the most prolific popping and robot dances you'll ever learn. El Tiro has performed the exact routine that is taught in this tutorial to venues all across the world. If you have ever heard of the Robot Boys, then you will love the routine taught here as we use a custom mix of the music! 

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Learn Robot Dance Choreography Step By Step

These incredible mechanics and robotic dance moves are broken down step by step to a range of music from dubstep, trap, funk and more covering elements of the popping dance style like hitting, dime stops, robotics, animation, waving, advance tricks, head isolations, body waves, arm waves, vibrating, how to move in slow motion, warping, gliding, footwork, illusions, isolations, and much more!

***As a bonus you will receive multiple resources on learning the advance tricks incorporated in this routine. 

Want a Sample? Watch the Video Below!


This tutorial is best for Intermediate skill leveled dancers and above. For something more beginner check out the 60 Beginner Premium Tutorial.