How to Dance In Slow Motion

How to Dance in Slow Motion

This isn't magic folks!  This dance tutorial will teach you how to create the dance effect that is popularly seen in dubstep dance and popping of how to move in slow motion.  Moving in slow motion is often termed with warping, or the ability to transition quickly from slow motion.  In dubstep dance slow motion is primarily used for the bridge or lyrical part of the song which is typically slower.  The only thing I don't like about dubstep dance is that sometimes it is very predictable when certain types of movements will be done to parts of the song.  Example would be the build up before the drop is usually done with vibrating and slow parts of the dubstep song is usually paired with moving in slow motion.  

I want to encourage you to use slow motion as a way to show diversity and range of motion in a dance at ANY part.  You don't have to move in slow motion just because the song is moving slow.  If you are serious about wanting to learn how to dance to dubstep then you should check out my 60 minute premium tutorial on Dubstep Dance. Here is a sneak peak of it.


Dance is not a puzzle board where you always stick certain types of moves in certain places of the song.  That is my rant for this tutorial on how to pop and move in slow motion!  On a serious note learning how to move in slow motion teaches you to be patience in your freestyle which is more valuable than I can put in words.

Enjoy! Transcript:

How to Dubstep Dance Move in Slow Motion Tutorial

Hey, what’s going on YouTube? This is El Tiro with another dubstep dance Tutorial Thursday, representing Dance Saves Lives. Today we’re going to learn some tips on moving in slow motion. What I like about that warp or warping in that slow motion feel is that it’s a great contrasting move to when you’re dancing and popping you’re doing maybe fast things and you break down to that slow motion, just that contrast moment is that coolness, that epicness in the dance that really can captivate an audience. So we’re going to give you three concepts to working on really developing a really great slow motion or warp. When I mean warp, it is that transition of when you’re doing a slow motion to kind of jolt forward, sideways or kind of any ways, you know that quickness. Concept number 1, we are going to cast ourselves down by bending our legs like so. Add a little bit of style into it. I’ll put my hands here, and I’ll go down like so. And what I’m going to do is I’m going to pivot on my heels turning to the right as I keep my body still with the arched back, I’m going to turn to the right. So for example, I’m standing, arms go right here, I’m going to sink in, my knees are bent and then I’m going to do a little bit of prep into my turn so I go left to the right. This is my slow motion slide. So we’ll break it down one by one, it’s pretty easy. We got the bend, arch at the back, hands, and I think what really makes it is this prep and then you go slow. And you know, I think… I think the bigger that prep is, the more effect would it have. So if I go, then I’ll have slow motion here. Concept number 2 is going to be the walk. The walk that moves forward and really, what we’re going to be concentrating on is the feet. When we put our foot down, we’re going to use every inch of our shoe to roll on the ground as we step. So we’re not just ever going to step flat footed. We’re going to be stepping a high toe to the air, a lower back heel. I step very slowly, as I pick up my arms and foot, and I’m going to transition to same thing. Sideway’s view, foot, hands, rolling very slowly, now really focusing on our arms right now, now we’re starting to pick up here. Now, notice that this is me standing tall, I am sunk in just a little bit, as I step, heel, all the way to the toe. If we focus our hands, it adds a really cool effect if you add these kind of mini micro-waves when you walk. And then you can go in any of the directions here. When you add them together, in a kind of opposite motions with your hands and your feet, that’s a really neat effect like this. So I’m walking, micro-waves in the arms, I’ll sink down, they’ll come up. I’ll take another step, my arms are moving, they’re flowing, they got another step. Other tips you can add moving kind of side to side. So my first step to the right, I’m going to lean on the right side. My next step to the left, I’ll lean to left. So I’m kind of doing this with my upper body. So with my feet, it looks like this, lean to the right coming down, lean to the left coming down. Last concept that I’m going to give you is your lower body. I see a lot of poppers when they warp in slow motion, it’s all upper body. They’re all right here. They use their chest primarily to kind of warp in, a lot of waves. There’s not a lot of feet warping. That I think is cooler, it has the whole body effect. So a little drama to give to you right now is I’m going to have you take a step with your left foot. You sink in; your back is going to shoot fast backwards like that. And then your right leg at the same time is going to kick up like that. In essence you have… so after here, we’re just going to keep back and forth, back foot comes down, we start to lean my back, pop, foot comes down, leaning, pop. It’s this motion like a kick of soccer ball, arch to the back is that lower body warp. So there you go, another tutorial Thursday on three concepts of having a slow motion in your warping. If you like this dubstep dance tutorial, let me know. Drop me your comments, a like button, don’t forget to subscribe. And if you really are into my tutorials, I have some super exciting news. I have a new website I’m working on. It’s going to be, of course. And I’m working on developing 3 60-minute downloadable DVDs, basically teaches everything I know from starter to advanced on how to dance on freestyle and popping. So be on the lookout for that, in the meantime, you can connect with me at Facebook, just search El Tiro, or, or Twitter, you can find me @brambilabong. And of course, if you want to rock my gear, check out Alright! We’ll catch you guys next tutorial Thursday. El Tiro, out!