Learn Hip Hop Dance Moves | How to Spin On Your Knee Tutorial

Learn Hip Hop Dance Moves

Hey! What’s going on Youtube? This is El Tiro. And by your request on my Facebook, you said you want to learn a ground move. So today, I got a special treat for you to learn some hip hop dance moves using knee spins as a turning move. So I’m gonna go way back. I think the first time I saw this move was on like the one of the first dance movies I saw which was “You Got Served”. These hip hop dance moves are really fun, really cool, lots of different styles. It uses like bboying and popping. So I do wanna let you know that this hip hop dance move is gonna be pretty hard on your knees. So if you have knee pads, I would definitely recommend using them or practicing first on carpet like I am today. So this move is all about shifting your body weight. So really, if I’m like this and I’m standing tall, all the pressure’s on my knees. Now if I move back and have my butt kind of sitting down, I can lift up and lean back and now I’ll be on my toes. And really, these are the two different points that you have to master. So if you can start by getting this rock back and forth. And then this will kind of be a good, you know kind of basis and maybe, maybe you have knee problems and maybe this won’t be the best move for you. Otherwise, let’s move on to the next step. So we’re gonna try just moving one step to the right and one step to the left. So to do that, I’m gonna first start on my knees and I’m gonna pick up my feet and I’ll move them to the right and then I’m gonna bring my body in. I’ll be able to strip my body weight to my toes, pick up my knees and then I’ll do the same thing here. So that was one step and I’m gonna go back to the left so same thing now, I’m gonna move my feet. I’m gonna lean back, pick up my knees and then my feet again. So again this is just to get like the step down. You kind of like practice those things in order. And then you really kind of just take it one step at a time until you get kind of maybe a faster pace of your feet. So once you got the shifting down, then it’s about putting that twist or a 360 spin. And you really break it down to turning like a 90 degrees or between 90-100-degree angles when you turn. So what I’ll do instead is I’ll pick up my feet. I’ll move them a lot wider, now I’m gonna come back here, and I’m gonna use my upper body even to kind of twist all the way backwards. So then I’ll take my legs, put ‘em out, and I’ll move all the way forward. So again, I’m just twisting more and the side steps, and I can start twisting my body. Like all my hip hop dance tutorial Thursdays, this is a hip hop dance move you can add a lot of different elements. For example, if I wanna do a lot of isolations, I can use my hands. I mean some people can do like head isolations as you go around. I mean the sky’s the limit. It’s all about what you do with your creativity and how you make this move your own. So there’s your hip hop dance tutorial Thursdays for today. If you enjoyed this online dance lesson, have questions, make sure you comment below. I’ve tried to comment to 99% of all comments that I get. If you have questions about dance or just wanna talk, you can hit me up on Facebook or my Twitter @brambilabong or Instagram @brambilabong. And if you’re seriously committed about improving your dance and these little tutorials aren’t enough for you, you are in luck because on my website brambilabong.com, I have 60-minute downloadable tutorials. I have 4 of them from beginner, intermediate, advance and a dubstep set edition. Thanks for watching. Love you guys! Te amo mucho, El Tiro. Adios!