Hip Hop Dance Move Knee Drop Tutorial - Learn Pin Drop Dance Move

Hip Hop Dance Move The Knee Drop or Pin Drop

Hey, what’s going on Youtube? Today’s hip hop dance tutorial Thursday. Okay, it’s really not. It’s Friday, my bad. I told you I was busy this week and didn’t post. But you’re in luck ‘coz I’m going to teach you an amazing hip hop dance move to learn today. Some call it James Brown, some call it knee drop, pin drop, colt 45, it looks like this.   So normally, I teach popping dance moves. This one will be kind of labelled under a hip hop dance move. But poppers do use it. They’re using it, incorporate it, maybe like a slow movement to fall down. And they’ll kind of wave, they can hit, work their ground movement and then they can pop up, pop with a spin too.   So first thing, don’t do this too fast, don’t hurt your knees, wanna keep those nice and clean. We’re gonna take our right foot. Put it where our knee bends on the left side. And then I’m gonna hug that tight. Now if you, you know, have balancing problems, just put your hands out. I’m gonna try to land on my toe and move a little diagonal down just like that. That’s the first part here.   Now if you’re landing squatted like this, that means your leg slid down. You want to keep it on the ground where your knee’s above your toe. Then, that’s pretty much the hard part. Let’s practice that one more time.   So I’m right here. Your right foot stays high. Do not let it slide. Keep it right there. And then you can try without hands if you want, or so use your hands as balance, that’s alright. I’m gonna fall on my toe, not on my knee, on my toe. And then once I get that, the rest is easy. Take your arms, spin them to the right side and then use your legs to push you up.   Sometimes if you’re twisting, you’ll get stuck maybe right here and then you just got to jump and twist out and maybe go into your bboy stance or whatever works for you.   So once you get the balance right, then you just go with the flow. Do some top rocking, get your James Brown, pop up, and you’re ready to go.   So thanks for tuning in. Sorry I posted this a day late, no worries. We’ll catch it next dance tutorial Thursday. If you have request, make sure you drop a comment right there below. This is El Tiro. Out!