Learn How to Robot Dance - How to do the Robot Tutorial

How to Robot Dance For Beginners

My name is Adrian aka "El Tiro" and I am professional Robot Dancer. I actually learned how to dance the robot from YouTube, so I can tell you from experience that you can learn how to do the robot online!  

Although I have hundreds of tutorials on my YouTube, I picked good starting point tutorial for learning the robot which I'll include below. I'm not sure how serious or what level you are reading this at now but I do have one of the epic robot choreography tutorials in my premium section. I'll leave the preview for that choreography below. Check it out, otherwise enjoy the free robot dance tutorials and good luck!


 Learn more about the 60 Minute Robot Choreography Tutorial

Today, we’re going to be working on some advanced robotics and learn how to robot dance. We are going to be breaking down how to do the robot in three different kinds of concepts for you guys. So we’ll break it down to three different videos.


 Each robot dance tutorial will help add a different element to your robot dancing. Ready? Part 2 Let’s go!


Last but not least... part 3 good luck!


If you enjoyed this series on how to do the robot, let me know. I hope you enjoyed! Learn how to do robot, now you know how to do it. Kill it, dance pop robot, don’t stop. Yeah! Alright, El Tiro. Out!