Top 20 Best Popping Robot Dance Songs

Finding awesome music for popping or dancing the robot to can be difficult. I’ve spent countless of hours searching google and youtube for the best popping dance music and the best robot dance music. As a dancer you always have to be on the hunt for finding new popping dance music because let’s face it… dancing to the same popping beats over and over again get’s boring.

That’s why I have put together this playlist of my top 20 popping robot dance songs that I have dance to or performed shows with. One little note before we start, when I made this popping dance music list I wanted it to be a resource for all the other dancers who were just like me… looking for new songs to practice and dance to! If you have recommendations please comment below with them! Or if you are interested in some of the royalty free beats I make click here for my Popping Dance Music bundle.

1. Ants - Edits

2. Technologic - Daft Punk

3. TroyBoi - Automatic

4. Robot Boys Mix -

I actually made a whole choreography routine which is the below video because I loved this song so much. You can learn how to do the whole robot choreography dance routine here.

5. Skrillex - Bun Dem

6. Skrillex - Try It Out

7. Grandtheft - Mobbin

8. Fingazz - Get it Up

9. Flux Pavillion - I Can't Stop

10. I don't know the name of the song but it's amazing! (comment below if you know it)

11. Popping Dance Music Bundle By El Tiro (Yours Truly)

The next biggest issue I have with finding good music to dance popping to is that it is usually copyrighted! That's why I hired a popping DJ to create 15 amazing royalty free popping dance music. Below is a sample mix of a few songs and if you dig it you can add it to cart below currently 40% off.



SlickDogg - Do you want to battle
13. Bryce Loops Funk
14. "I Can Make Ya" by Fingazz
15. You Have A New Message
16. Dogg Master - Pop Lock Funk
17. Dam-Funk - Mirrors
18. Legend Da Beatslaya - Get 'Em
20. Dogg Master & Busta Brown-Decompression Activated