Where to Find Popping Dance Music

Popping Dance Music

I am so excited to now offer royalty free popping dance music that you can use in your YouTube videos and monetize. Each of the sound tracks has been custom made by a DJ who is also a popper that is a dear friend of mine. I wanted to give the opportunity for dancers looking for popping beats to get new dope royalty free popping dance music that dancers could monetize and have no fear of being penalized on YouTube or removed from Facebook because of copyright.  

From dubstep, EDM, and even funk, the popping dance music bundle has 15 tracks to dance to. When I say custom made... I really mean it!  I'm talking about songs that are made specifically for waving, tutting, hitting, practicing robotics, and every single other element! As you can tell I am stoked about this because there is no other place in the world where you can continue to get awesome popping dance music beats that are royalty free at the moment. 


The idea to create a bundle mixtape of royalty free popping dance music came from the extremely high amount of time, frustration, and energy I put over the 5 years into searching the depths of the internet and YouTube for good music to dance popping to. I don't know about you, but I don't even want to know how many hours I've wasted searching for good popping music.  It was from this that the idea of creating the Popping Dance Music bundle came from.  It was made just for those poppers who crave new dope fresh popping music on a regular basis to practice and dance to. If you want to know my top 20 favorite songs to dance popping to click here.

Below is a sample mix of a few songs from the popping dance music bundle.